The Unfolding Of The Holy Spirit


The Ruins Pt. 3

One of the biggest lies of the enemy is that we can “Be Good and Do Good, Without God.”

Good - Morally excellent, virtuous, righteous. (Our righteousness is like filthy rags...)

I believe we all have an innate desire and purpose to accomplish good and great things, to want more in life, to achieve success, and to win at life, because God placed that purpose in us. Remember He created humankind and then said, “Go have dominion, be fruitful, all creation is subject to you.”

The problem arises when we allow satan to twist and pervert this purpose into something that is selfish or carnal in nature. So we start doing things for us, and by us, and think that it can be good. We will even go so far as to ask God to “bless it.”
God wants us to “Bear much fruit”...To accomplish and do MUCH! The key is when we live in union with Christ, productivity will stream from us, but when we separate from His will to do things for ourselves, by ourselves, we become powerless...