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Our Church                                                                                                          

We must live our lives with the freedom, authority, and dominion that God has called all believers to, and by doing this we can effectively touch, reach, and impact the lives of the lost, not by preaching condemnation, but by showing the love and power of Jesus Christ. We feel like if we are not having a positive impact on our community then we should cease to exist as a church body.

Praise & Worship

is essential in pursuing a closer relationship with Christ. Swinging wide the gates of praise, we create an atmosphere that invites the Spirit of God to show up in a way that is explosive and able to transform lives. It is our deepest desire to honor God and exalt him, and we do this with passionate abandon, breaking away from mainstream religious practices to create the unique God-given sound of this House. The high-energy praise and high-intensity worship prepare the way for the release of the relevant, impacting and prophetic Word of God. The pastoral staff is a dynamic group of preachers and teachers, apostles, prophets, encouragers and exhorters, vessels and messengers that bring forth a Word from Heaven that is applicable and life-changing. We are intent on equipping the Body of Christ to walk in destiny and live in victory.

The Vision

at “The Life” is simple. It is, “To be uncommon people, doing Uncommon things, led by an Uncommon God.”  We believe there is nothing usual, plain, or common about God, He is 100 percent Uncommon.  So as His children, we take on the image of the Father.  It is our desire and purpose to live life in an Uncommon way and to display God’s Uncommon character, Uncommon love, and His Uncommon Abundant Life.

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